Trash Cars 2012

my first heat

second heat

The crazy main event.

Just wait till next race season!! I am trying hard to get my 89 Honda Civic turned into a descent 4-bee/ Hornet.

2014 Schedule released!!!

I hope to do all the 4-bee events!

racecar1 racecar2


05/29/2014 The first couple of races have not gone like I would have like them. I have yet to finish a main event. Hopefully this weekend I can do just that.

and at least I moved up two positions in the points just from competing in every race so far.

As you can tell from these pictures I have been working hard at not getting so much roll out of the car through the corners. Hopefully I will have something for them this weekend and be able to finish the main event. I feat I have yet to accomplish.

racing 2



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