Saturday’s racing went well while it lasted, but it didn’t last nearly enough. The heat race went better than usual. Even though I still finished last, everyone else was on the same straightaway as I was. I thought I might have something for the main event. I started on the inside of the front row due to my poor qualifying. I was battling hard after my rookie mistake. When a caution came out I did not realize we had not completed one lap. This means a complete restart of the event. I simply looked at the leaderboard and saw I was third and dropped into what I thought was the right position. It took a couple of laps for the official on the pit exit to yell at me and inform me that it was a complete restart. I took my original position and the event was once again under way. I continued to battle hard and was running in 3rd- 5th position. Everything was going the best they have in the five races thus far. That was until I came into turn one and two. My car suddenly felt like I had popped it out of gear. I have done this a couple of times due to my bum right leg, but had recently added a leg brace in hopes to keep my leg propped up to where I could not longer pop it out of gear. I attempted to check if it was in second gear. It was. I tried to shift into first. Still nothing. With my position and the surroundings I dove my car down into the infield. That is where I sat the rest of the 25 lap main event. I tried a couple of times to get the car to re-fire, but to no avail. I was frustrated to say the least. Finally was doing descent only to have the car die. After the main event the push truck shoved me to behind my trailer. I left it there in frustration and said I would deal with it later and figure out what went wrong on Sunday. After some troubleshooting I had to take the top of the fuel cell off to see why I could not get and fuel to come out. The pump sounded like it was running but after breaking the fuel line loose could not get anything up out of the fuel cell. It had ended up that the fuel pump had become disconnected from a short piece of hose that connected it to the top fitting of the fuel cell. That little piece of hose now has two stainless steel hose clamps holding it on, instead of the one that wasn’t even stainless that was on before. I should have it back up and going again for this next saturday. So I guess I will just have to give it all I have again and hopefully get a better result to show for it.


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