2014 season

Just found out how to make this, hopefully easier and more enjoyable to read. Hope you all enjoy the info coming soon.

5/31/14 Results from sat  New points As of 05/31/14 Here Hope you enjoy.

6/07/14 Results Sorry forgot to get points

6/14/14 Results New Points  Also see explanation of results if desired Here

6/21/14 Fan appreciation day  was a blast, and the best racing I have done thus far . Results don’t show how good of a race it was for my. Points

6/28/14 Rained out. Which turned out to be a good thing for me because I was in the mist of spending my 4 days in the psyche ward.

7/04/14 4th of July doubleheader!!! Was a good day but laps god extended to 30 for main event and about lap 25 I got black flagged for a leak. It was my radiator.

7/05/14 Results and now I am 8th in points! 🙂

Looks like I haven’t posted anything here is quite awhile. (like anyone actually reads this) Anyhow they finally updated the most recent points. I should finish in 7th as long as nothing goes majorly wrong, and I probably cannot advance any higher. I am looking for to Saturday as we have had a few weeks off and only 3 races left this season.

Finished a seasons best 7th in the main event. No heat races due to drivers appreciation, which I still do not fully comprehend. why for drivers appreciation would you take racing time away? Anyhow still pretty set on finishing the season 7th in overall points unless something major happens.


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