On to other places

Well after 4 years, 2 of which most of us have been barely hanging on, I am off to a different job. Instead of the average 3 hr commute to and from work I now have to go a whopping 0.8 mi. Yep that’s right. Plus the base pay is over a dollar more an hour than I am making now. Plus, plus,….plus. To many plus to list right now but there are many. Who knew 1 application just to see what was closer to my house would turn into 4 interviews along later with 4 job offers. Actually made me feel good about myself for a day or two. Then it was quickly back to my “reality.” I get to start at Stanley on the first of May. Some of you may or may not know of Stanley tools. They are pretty big. I encourage you if your curious to check them out. Have to head back to the grind of life for now hope to start writing more, but never have time…. at least not yet. Till next time.