Mini staycation

Even though I have not been writing much lately, I am inspired by a lot of other bloggers to share this last week with you all. This last week was the longest amount of time the W and I were without the kids. Most people would think that this amount of time would be great for any relationship. Parts of it were. Even then I would sometimes find myself wondering. Wondering if I am simply falling for the same old games. We had to be on a pretty tight budget (as usual) so most of what we thought/ planned we would like to do while the kids were gone did not happen. The few that did were decent and enjoyable overall. As the week went on I felt as if I have to sacrifice more than everyone else in the family combined. No I am not looking for a pity party, or even answers to all the questions swirling around on my head. I am just so frustrated that I either willing give up something, or get pushed to the point that I just say F it and give up whatever I have to in order to accomplish the next task.

As soon as I walked in the door yesterday from work the W began the usual prodding to see what was wrong. She has a way of pushing and prying like a bulldozer and a jack hammer. Why should I work my ass off the last 8 mths to a year to try and communicate better, when no one listens to what I have to say? I usually do not have a lot to say, but the few times I do it would be great to know that someone hears me. A simple example of this is awhile back I had said that the chickens that come up from the freezer need to be put on a plate while the defrost in the breakfast nook area. That way they do not leak stuff all over the floor. The W never heard me say this on at least 2 occasions. She had placed a chicken to defrost and finally realized that I was correct when she stepped in the mess by accident and noticed it was sticky. That meant a lot more than water was leaking while it defrosted. This isn’t even a matter of my being right in this, and most instances, it is simply a matter of being heard. Everything still ends up being either my mistake or one of my many issues. I am simply so tired and burnt out of it all. Maybe all I need is a staycation from normal life.


3 comments on “Mini staycation

  1. Miss Evelyn says:

    In that case, just let her fix the mess. She didn’t blame you for the mess, did she ?


    • gijoefun79 says:

      Usually I end up being the cause of most problems. In the rare instance that I am not, like this one, she pushes, prods, vents, screams, yells… whatever she has to do to push me to the point I just want it all to stop and I take care of whatever it is. In this case cleaning the kitchen floor.
      You see she had just dealt with the new disobedient dog all day, had already mopped 3 rooms, had already….. it goes on and on

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      • Miss Evelyn says:

        Ugh…I understand. I was acting that way when I was a stay at home mom. Except I kept everything to myself. I let all the screaming, yelling, venting commence. From my mom in law that is. Of course you can only hold it up to a point. Its hard to cross the line because first of all in my culture you’re suppose to respect your elders. Second of all, I knew the relationship between her and I will definitely be fractured forever if I do a confrontation. Third of all, I must learn to be totally independent in every shape, way, and form. If not, this is what happens when you rely on help. As for my husband, he’s repeating the pattern done unto him as he was a child.


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