Exactly my point

I think I may have finally had enough. I texted the W a simple enough question about $20 that has magically been missing. After getting a different text from her the next hour I finally asked why should I continue to work my ass off to try and communicate better when I feel as if I am hardly listen to.  Her response, “Huh? I am confused, if this is about us I would prefer to wait till you get home instead of making a mess of things on text.”

Sure we have all gotten things f’d up through texts, but ignoring the question of “Did you happen to find the $20 that disappeared?”. I don’t think too much can be read into that one.

I simply responded with “Exactly my point.”

The latest from the W which I am not even going to respond to at all “I am ignoring your last statement you made at all…I want you to talk to me in person and I really wanna listen to whats going on….”

I am so tired of it I just want to scream!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading today’s venting. At least till this point…………


6 comments on “Exactly my point

  1. booguloo says:

    Been there done that. Time doesn’t heal everything.. Just lessens some of the pain.

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  2. Brigit says:

    Sorry things still are hard for you. 😦

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  3. faithrivada says:

    twenty dollars is a fortune in principle

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  4. Miss Evelyn says:

    Damn…sounds like my husband. Only answers selective questions and then says you’ve known me over 15 years and you still don’t understand me.


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