Searching for something that may never be found

Searching everywhere except deep within oneself

Knowing that I would probably be better buried within the cold bitter ground

Searching through the tears that make it so hard to see

Searching and asking many questions that may never be answered

Never really knowing who I was, am, should, or want to be

Searching the memories of back when I thought I knew

Searching within others with which the answer will never lie

Spent my whole life thus far pretending to be someone, something, I can never truly be

Searching the years to see where I made it all go wrong

Searching all the lies I have believe even before I spoke them out loud

Not knowing why when I tried to make it right I have always massively failed

Searching my soap box, which I continually climb further upon

Searching my high and mighty statements of which none are true

Being the ideal example in all things of hypocrisy while telling others not to be so

Searching yet knowing I can never be fixed, repaired , or restored


One comment on “Searching

  1. girlseule says:

    I hope you find whatever it is you are searching for…… even if you aren’t sure what that is yet!


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