Heard this one and thought I might share my thoughts. Politicians may start conflicts or wars, but that is not why servicemembers do what they do. They do it for the person to their left or right. For their friends and battle buddies.

There is also a creed that most are fully enveloped in. Even though I cannot actually accomplish any of them I would still carry any of them out if I actually was able.


Last but not least the Army values.


these are explanations as to why I am constantly feeling incomplete, inadequate, and sometimes incompetent. I used to be devoted to something greater than simply myself. 

This is going to be a time of more difficult transition for me as I prepare to step out of the workforce because it is getting harder and harder and more painful to go to work. Thanks for letting me share a little first person perspective from someone who might just have been the sh*t, part of the sh*t, and definitely in the sh*t more times than I can actually remember. Till next time— Joe


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