New diet trend

Well ladies and gentlemen I have found the latest and greatest diet trend that is about to throw everyone a curve. IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE… The following diet trend is actually recommended to absolutely NO ONE EVER!!! Under any circumstances!!! To some it might even be considered bulimia or anorexia which is a disease. Unfortunately for me I cannot really do anything to change it right now. In what is usually my best time of year. The time where I feel the best thanks to the warm weather I continually slide down hill quickly. Usually October through April is the worst, this year I have continued to go downhill since October. I did expect this, in time, just not for another 8- 10 years. I continue to be in so much pain I can hardly keep down a snack thanks to the nauseaness. Let alone an entire meal in these dog days of summer where we have been in the low to mid 90’s for about a week or so now. Luckily for me, as compared to most, I really cannot complain. One I actually like the heat, two we have little to no humidity, and it is never extreme. 

I have also learned that I am kind of stuck in lala land. I have decided to be re-evaluated through the VA in hopes of getting my percentage of disability uped. This is mainly due to my little hospital stay and my continual struggle to keep working. The down side is realistically even as bad as I have become I will only get about 90%. I can apply for unemployability. The only downside is I cannot be working. So what do I do in the 8 – 16 months this is probably going to take.

Anyhow I am headed to Seattle tomorrow morning. I cannot wait for wounded warriors soldier ride. Going to be nice to get away from pretty much everything for 4 days. How I will do on a couple days for bicycle riding is yet to be determined. See you all on the flip side. Joe


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