absentee demons

Brillant! We all have our inner struggles. To this one I can relate all too well to some things said of the pirahna, as well as relate to the authors point of view. So confusing that it almost seems simple.

my delusions


I’m having another episode.

I’m never sure what to do when this happens, and at first I tend to respond by thrashing wildly.

Grasping at nearby surfaces as I plummet, only to watch them loosen and break too.

Far better once I recognize the hopelessness of struggle, as at least I can leave off bringing other objects down with me.

Far better once I surrender to the knowledge that my own strength has failed.

The descent is predictably horrible and long. It happens as if in slow-motion, while I whisper and plead, “Not this far. Please not this far.”

But yes, darling, yes. We’re going this far. I’m so very sorry.

It’s not difficult for me to decipher the elements that conspired to bring me down this time.

If there even were any.

Perhaps it’s not even like that. Perhaps just every so often, I simply miss a step, and it’s…

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6 comments on “absentee demons

  1. Delusia says:

    thank you for posting. in what way can you relate to the piranha, i wonder. feeling cast out?


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