Moral Injury?

Moral Injury?

Just was sent this through wounded warrior. It is all three of a three part series, so it can be lengthy, but worthwhile (at least for me it was). Something I have not really considered. The way I have, and still do, look at all of it was I had one main mission while in Iraq. That mission was to try and bring everyone back that we went out with, the rest is up for someone/ something better than myself. You cannot judge the situation unless you have been in it yourself, because sometimes we have no choice but the hard choice. Feel free to tell me what you think. I found it very enlightening. I learned quickly in Iraq that two people can be in the exact situation and take it completely different. It doesn’t mean if they react different than others that they are wrong, or someone is right. It is simply a matter of perspective, compartmentalization, and attitude towards the wars as a whole. War is hell and there isn’t much we can do to change that. No matter if its called shell shock, ptsd, or moral injury I think they are all closely related and intertwined.


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