Another bad day

Today is yet another bad day for me. Lately things have not been going well and there seems to very little, if anything, that I can get right. I have no real explanation for it, but I tend to go in a pattern. I will be doing going for a few months or so, and then with out much reason I have a bad one. Depression is an ugly enough monster in and of itself, but combine that with PTSD and it becomes harder still. The two go together, which one cause which who knows.  All I know is when one goes the other is right behind it. For the first time since I got medication to help I had a crying spell. I know it may be weird for a guy to write about his crying spells, but I can share it anyhow. I have always been more of the sensitive type, but the crying for no real reason was ridiculous even for me. I used to have them pretty often, but the medication has helped with that and much more. I just really don’t like it when one of those bad days turns into a bad week, or bad month, or perhaps even longer. There is no way of really knowing how long it will stick around. Looking back upon past episodes there is no real reasoning to why the others ended either. I guess it’s just one of those things some of us have to continually struggle with.



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