I’m broken

I’m broken, I see this now
I feel the burning in my brain
Every time I try to reach out
Nobody knows my name
And every time I try call out
My voice just fades away
The pain inside my head
Turns to anger in my veins
It’s tearing out my sanity
Yeah, I may just be insane
Every hardship I overcome
There’s another just the same
Every fight that I fall into
I’m the one that gets the blame
And although I’m not innocent
I’m always cast in shame
I’ve tried to wash off the sin
But my heart still bears the stain
It seems life must be against me
It’s like a never ending strain
I’m tired of the cards I’m dealt
Yeah, I’m tired of this game
I keep giving it all I’ve got
But there’s nothing that I gain
All I ever want is happiness
But all I ever get is pain


One comment on “I’m broken

  1. faithrivada says:

    I hate the game sometimes, too – including the ones I initiate.


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