hero bracelet

Hero Bracelet

Tell me who’s that written
On your wrist, there in black
Why are you wearing a band
With another man’s name

Is it love that your feeling
Or lost one day playing
A loosing hand
In another man’s game

Why do you walk so straight
While you kneel down before them
Do they care that you care
He’s never coming back

Was it you that killed him
Or were you doing your job
Can you look them in the eyes
When they fold up his flag

Why don’t you kneel and tell them
He’s never coming home
Because you didn’t tell him
To let you have this one alone

You didn’t walk up and shoot him
No, you didn’t make that bomb
But did you do enough to save him
Did you even care at all

No, you stand before them
Walking slow, but tall
While he’s lies there beneath them
In a shinny wooden box

Does he care that you loved him
Can you ever make it right
He’s still dead in the morning
After another sleepless night

They kneel down at crosses
Clinging tightly still
You kneel down at tombstones
With these men, Gods were killed

Tell me who’s that written
On your wrist, there in black
Another name to remember
Or a name to call your guilt

This is my hero bracelet.  It simply says: Spc Jonathan Stehle        Grafenwoehr, DE 11/08/2002

hero bracelet


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