My ocean of life ( a short poem on my depression)

So many years I cannot even really remember how long it’s been

It feels like it’s the ocean and it crashes against me, the shore

Sometimes may be high tide, and some may be low

How to keep it from coming back again is what I want to know

The undercurrents never really lose their grasp

No matter what way I try to swim I cannot overcome its strength

It sometimes takes complete control and I am just a passenger along for the ride

It makes it hard for me to accomplish much, let alone have any pride

Lost and alone treading the cold water

No land in site and nothing but the smell of salt in the air and ocean all around

My mind, body, and spirit are exhausted from carrying this for so long

I do not think I can any longer remain strong

Somewhere in the process of dedication, service, and giving I have lost myself

Most of me lost can never be regained

Seems like everyone and everything wants more than I have to give

What happened with me to where sometimes I almost don’t even want to live


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