war worthwhile?

As more and more of our brave men and women head home from the trials of war I am reminded of that daunting question… Was our time there worthwhile? I was technically non-deployable due to my condition from the training accident, but could not send my soldiers or my tanks without going also. So I convinced them that I would be ok for deployment and went. I still know I would regret it more if I did not go. I always told myself and my soldiers that regardless of why we were in Baghdad, Iraq we had one true mission while we were there. That was to bring back the same number of soldiers back that we went out with, the rest is for someone else more powerful than ourselves to decide if it was right or wrong. When in that situation you have to sometimes do, or participate, in things and actions that unless you have been there you honestly cannot say what you would do when faced with a similar predicament. I also had hoped that the history books would one day tell the true story of the wars. Little did I know that as more time passes the less and less meaning sacrificing 15 months of being deployed to Iraq actually has. I still do not regret going, there are a lot of things that is in the contract when one signs up to serve our country. It would be nice though if it was more worth the tireless effort I, and countless others, put into it. But then again, I guess no war ever truly is worth it.  I could go on, but then again I am not real sure where to go with this. I guess I will end it with the fact that while I was deployed I saw and did a lot more than most, above and beyond what was asked of me. In the end, no matter why exactly we went or what the history books say it was worth it for me to deploy. That is for one simple reason no one can take away or debate me on, and that is the soldiers in my squad, my platoon, my company, my unit and we all did it for at the very least each other.


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