My year in a brief review

I guess like many other people, as this year comes to a close I have been taking a look back upon the last year. I however, unlike most, will be as honest and blunt as possible. I have never really done this before, not really even to myself let alone somewhere else. If I compared 2013 to 2012 I would say overall it was a better year, but only marginally. Some areas of my year improved, while others fell. The areas that rose were my job (better workplace and better pay), my emotional state (always a tricky one with me, but overall improved), I am not going out and drinking as much as 2012, I have had no issues with gambling (unlike 2012. Yes the last 2 are probably connected), my relationship with my son ( after being gone the first 5 years of his life and working on that the last 8 we finally have a good relationship). The areas that seem to have fallen are my work hours (swing shift instead of days), the state of my vehicles (totaled a descent car and bought a lemon), and my relationship with my wife (although going to counseling since last March). last, but not least, there is my PTSD. It has long reaching effects, but overall I would have to say it has greatly improved. I have only had one nightmare in probably the last 6 months. In 2012 I had one about every other week at best. So I guess counseling is helping in that area at least. I could continue writing quite a bit more, but I guess I should wrap this up. I guess like most years of my life this past one has been what seems to be a roller-coaster. It has had its high and low points and next year will probably be more of the same. Till next time. Joe


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