the darkness

Something I just came up with… Not a lot of time spent on it, but it does at least express the way I usually feel.

The darkness around seems to never end

How much I would like to have just one true friend

No matter how hard I try

All my efforts come back to haunt me, I don’t know why

I have struggled and struggled this much is true

I know I struggle with each day, I, at least will admit it, will you?

If you can think of an obstacle that I have yet to face

I will award you with no prize for first place

Each and every time I think I might be headed in a positive way

Life smacks me upside the head and has something different to say

All of the sayings give most people at least a temporary hope

I have struggled in so many ways and for so long I am simply a dope

To actually have hope and dreams seems to fit most

Not for someone like me, someone who is trapped like a ghost

No matter what I do it turns out to be wrong

My life seems to be a sad country song

I am so tired and frustrated I cannot even describe how

The hope in life feels like it was beat out of me along the way

I usually wonder how I will make it through today

The darkness is usually damp and feels cold

There seems to be no visible light, I am tired of trying to be brave and bold

To start the day is probably the most difficult part

Maybe all that life has whipped me with has also stolen my heart

The heart I used to give each and every day

Now is more difficult that words cannot even say

Till next time… Joe


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