giving thanks?!?!

I, like many others, would say I had a nice holiday weekend. I however probably notice more than most people even think about. Sometimes this can be a good side effect of PTSD but usually it does not help much.  I am sure I am not the first one to realize all of my points, but it was however the first time I ever went shopping during the infamous Thanksgiving weekend. Or as some like to call it “black Friday”, even though it now lasts at least through the entire weekend.

We, as Americans, give thanks for the countless things and people in our lives, only to rush out the next and trample people over socks, a TV, or other possessions? Sure I went out, but I also was not disappointed when the person in front of me got the last one of the things I had come for. I also did not throw a huge tantrum to the probably minimum wage employees when I could not get a tablet for my ten year old. Seriously? When did a ten year old need a tablet so bad that you waited in line out in the cold, only to come inside and wait in another line, then cause a huge scene when you didn’t get what you came for? I have never went out because I have hated crowds, waiting in lines, and numerous other reasons, but seeing people out this weekend really makes you wonder.  I went for a few reasons, none of which was to push and shove, trample, or even yell at someone else. I mainly went to see how I would handle a situation that I am usually very uncomfortable in. If I happen to get something on my list, great, if not I can get it later and the “discount” is not worth the rest of the stuff. Do people not realize that most of the discounts you can get another time of the year, and it may be better, i.e. televisions. Or they actually jack up prices then take the discount off the inflated price. Heck actually raised prices on black Friday. Everything we had on our “wish list” went up anywhere from a dollar to five for one item.

Why is it year after year we, as a culture, fall for all the advertising gimmicks and risk life and limb for more stuff? Maybe it’s just me, but there is not one “thing” in a store I would risk that for. People yes, but things no. This raises another question I have had… How come when you hear of most of the mass shooting you hardly ever hear of anyone trying to take out the gun-person? Maybe it’s just me and my training and experience, but that was one of my first thoughts when one happened in my local mall awhile back. I would venture to guess it is like most things now days, and boils down to sear selfishness. Not sure where exactly I started off on this one, but it is time to wrap it up. Just try and think of something, or someone else this holiday season as we all hustle and bustle through the crowds and traffic jams that are sure to be around. Till next time. Joe


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