welding tips vs sanity?

            I think most people would tend to agree with Albert Einstein when he stated “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I also would tend to agree. The last couple of weeks, at least, at work have me truly pondering this statement. I have made probably 3,000 welding tips over the last couple of weeks. Although there were two different part numbers, there is no real difference in the manufacturing process. So to me they are all pretty much the same. Making the same part for the better part of two weeks now really has me doubting my sanity. I knew I was borderline, at best, before, but holy cow how much can one guy take. I knew when I started being a machinist there would be days, perhaps even weeks like this: therefore I was selective in choosing where I wanted to work. I know some shops guys run the same two or three operations on the same one or two parts for many years, and are content, I just know I would not be. I am one of those people that doesn’t do well with too much change either though. Where I worked before I was the only one that ran new programs/ parts. I kind of enjoyed it, but it would have been nice if someone else was competent enough to finish one so I didn’t have to stay late or go way above and beyond just to not really be appreciated for all my hard work.

            Am I insane? Perhaps this is like most other things, where I am over thinking it. I have a tendency to do that, and besides what else am I suppose to do while running the same parts over and over again. When I am stuck in a routine my mind wanders to all kinds of topics. This raises questions, doubts, and even some fears in my life. There is also the point of that my sanity would depend upon others perspective of my mental state. What exactly is sane? Is it going through some sort of daily ritual pretending to be “happy” only to come home to see how all my on-line friends are doing? When did we become a society that valued on-line friendships more than those that we could possibly make with a real person if only we got out from in front of the computer every now and then? (This should be another post later) Is sanity only truly a matter of perspective? Maybe we will never really know the answers to these question and so many more that tend to arise in my mind when I am manufacturing welding tips. Dang welding tips anyhow. Till next time. Joe


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