minor daily issue?

I am certain we all know that some days are better than others, but it seems as if lately no matter what I do the bad days keep on coming. Yes I tend to over-think even the little things, but even when or if I actually accomplish something there are three more things to be done that come up behind it.

Today is yet another example of that. While I have been awaiting the insurance to send me a check for the car, I have been tinkering around on my race car. A few months ago, with our quarterly bonus at work, I was able to get a new fuel cell. I had the pump all routed up and ready to roll. The car ran yesterday, but not for very long, then it would not start back up. I pulled the top of the fuel cell again only to find out the routing I had done to the pump was not good enough and it was sucking air along with the gas. A couple of hours later and now it finally runs, not great yet, but runs. Now it gets too much fuel. I should be able to figure it out and fix it pretty easily though.

This is just a simple example of now matter how hard I try to make things better there is always more challenges that I may not have realized now at least visible on the horizon. I am not sure if there is any real answer for this dilemma, I have been searching for many more years than I can recall. Then there are days that seem so boring it is difficult to get through. Usually followed by days that are so busy I can hardly keep up. Oh well I guess… on towards tomorrow…


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