Just recently I donated some time to a non-profit. I mainly walked up and down the sidewalk attempting to draw in traffic. I realized I could do it for myself too. I could be the honestly disabled veteran searching for more cash. (hey it would be tax free too huh?) Not sure if I could honestly do it, but the thought has been more than just a passing one since I helped to raise almost $200 in the tip buckets for those that just wanted to donate without having to really stop in. This was in three hours in a not very busy part of a smaller city. Just imagine what one could make in a busy intersection in half a day or so.

Am I crazy for even considering the possibilities? There are plenty of people around here (practically every exit ramp) and you know at least half of them make up lies to put on their signs. I would be honest with mine.


Three reasons a truly disabled veteran needs more cash….

Not in any particular order…






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